I’m Speechless.

Dear Friends, A little over a month ago I messaged you with a dream for the future of Quakers and online media. It’s a dream that builds on my past work, and begins to ask what the next generation of Quakers and spiritual seekers needs from us.

The response has been overwhelming! In just a month, 76 Friends from all over the country have brought us 90% of the way to our public goal of $50k. That brings us just $5k shy of our entire startup goal of raising $125k by the end of 2022!

If you’re one of those 76 generous Friends, thank you so much. And if you haven’t had a chance yet to support this vision, it’s not too late! Can we make it to 100 supporters by the end of October?

Thee Quaker Project is a brand new Quaker startup, founded in 2022. We seek ways to be faithful Friends in the internet age. Much like the Early Quaker movement, our goal is to explore how to be “publishers of truth” in a time of dramatically changing communications technology.

“So excited for this project. Great people with a strong spiritual leading.Thanks for bringing this to the world!”
Washington State
“We have a gift to offer the world and need to find a way to help them find it.”
“Time we lived adventurously and let our lives speak.”

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