Our Vision for the Future of Quakers

We envision a thriving future for Quakerism, where–informed by the wisdom of our spiritual ancestors–we find our voice as a faithful, courageous religious society in the internet age.

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Vision and Goals

We launched our first project in the Spring of 2023: a weekly Quaker podcast.

It was a long road to get there! First, we had to do all this stuff (with support from Friends all over the world!)

☑️ Establish ourselves as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
☑️ Develop a board of trustees
☑️ Hire a podcast producer
☑️ Raise $215k (THANK YOU!!)
☑️ Develop the concept, design, and content of Season 1
☑️ Launch the podcast

To learn more about our initial vision for Phase 1, watch this video.

The next step is to expand our vision to include 2 additional projects. 

Each project will work with the podcast to create an interlocking ecosystem of faithful online Quaker presence, boosting the visibility of the Religious Society of Friends and realizing our potential as ministers in the Internet Age.

It won’t be easy! Here are our goals:

🔲 Raise $300k
🔲 Launch the Daily Quaker (a daily Quaker devotional for Quakers and seekers to take the next step on their Quaker spiritual path… and the next one after that!)
🔲 Launch our Monthly Meeting Video Partnership Project (teaming up with local meetings to tell their stories and boost their visibility within their communities)

We are happy to report that, thanks to the generosity of our listeners and a grant from the Shoemaker Fund, we are already half way to our financial goal! So that “raise $300K” looks more like this:

☑️ Raise $25k from podcast listeners
☑️ $125k Grant from Shoemaker
🔲 Raise $150k in other gifts

Will you help us reach our goal and expand the reach of this uniquely 21st century Quaker ministry? Support our work.

About the Podcast

Thee Quaker Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring Friends from all over the world exploring Quaker stories of faith and courage. 

By the numbers… After just six months, we are amazed at how much the podcast has accomplished:

☑️ 20 Episodes
☑️ 18,000 unique listeners reached
☑️ Listeners in 99 countries

Hear what our listeners are saying:

“I’ve been waiting for this, though I’m not sure I knew it.”

“Great production values… I can’t wait to see where this goes!”

“A great resource for seekers and convinced Quakers alike”

Listen to the Podcast here.

Thank you, Friend!

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