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After many years of dreaming, and many, many months of planning, our daily Quaker devotional started going out to subscribers on April 1st. This project is designed for seekers and Quakers–to accompany you as you explore a Quaker path. See today’s message.

How, then, shall we lay hold of that Life and Power, and live the life of prayer without ceasing? By quiet, persistent practice in turning of all our being, day and night, in prayer and inward worship and surrender, toward Him who calls in the depths of our souls.

-Thomas Kelly

We are excited to report that the Daily Quaker Message already has over 1200 subscribers, a majority of whom open it every day. Here’s what one subscriber shared:

It is very meaningful to receive these daily messages in my inbox in a flood of otherwise stressful emails. I find these to be centering and personal, inviting me to connection with the divine and with a community.

Leena, Ilinois

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Thee Quaker Project is a brand new Quaker startup, founded in 2022. We seek ways to be faithful Friends in the internet age. Much like the Early Quaker movement, our goal is to explore how to be “publishers of truth” in a time of dramatically changing communications technology.

“So excited for this project. Great people with a strong spiritual leading.Thanks for bringing this to the world!”
Washington State
“We have a gift to offer the world and need to find a way to help them find it.”
“Time we lived adventurously and let our lives speak.”

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