We’re Hiring: Social Media & Newsletter Coordinator

This fall, we’re pleased to announce that we’re starting work on our second project. And we’re looking for a talented Social Media & Newsletter Coordinator to join us.

This is your opportunity to join a growing team of passionate media creators, work with an amazing board, and put your stamp on something new. The deadline is September 18!

POSITION: Social Media & Newsletter Coordinator (download pdf)

THEE QUAKER PROJECT is a start-up Quaker media organization focused on lifting up stories of spiritual courage and giving Quakers a platform online. We seek to create entertaining, well-crafted, profound content and to build a worldwide audience composed of spiritual seekers, lifelong Quakers, and everyone in between. As a team, we are guided by the following values, which support us as creators and build our team culture to meet the challenges and opportunities of 21st century media.

  1. Ensemble Narrative – we believe that when answering difficult spiritual questions, no one individual has the whole answer. Therefore we find that the thread of truth emerges once a diversity of voices has been heard;
  2. Invitation to Courage – our interviewees are at their most powerful when invited to speak from a deeply grounded, honest place. We seek to build a staff culture that invites and encourages this grounded truth-speaking, in what we publish and in our work with one another; 
  3. Playfulness – we lean into opportunities for joy and humor, in what we publish online and in our culture;
  4. Transparency – with our listeners and readers and among our staff, board, and other stakeholders;
  5. Learning, Experimentation & Adaptation – the internet media landscape is constantly evolving. We seek out ways to experiment, stay nimble, and adapt to new trends;
  6. Nurture Talent – we believe in the staff we’ve hired and invest in supporting them to learn and grow in ways that enliven them and follow their passion. We know that creative work can lead to burnout, and seek to provide opportunities to rest and recharge.

TQP is currently producing a weekly podcast and launching two additional branches of our media organization in the coming year: a “daily Quaker message” to provide a framework for those wanting to establish (or deepen) their daily Quaker practice, and a video project to promote local Quaker meetings and churches.

POSITION SUMMARY: This role has two main responsibilities: 1) creating the Daily Quaker, a curated source of daily Quaker messages for those wishing to explore an ongoing Quaker practice, whose audience includes spiritual seekers, lifelong Quakers, and everyone in between, and 2) establishing Thee Quaker Project as a playful, entertaining, and highly visible Quaker social media presence across multiple platforms. This person will work closely with the executive director to develop these two areas of work for the organization and, once established, will operate independently, incorporating regular feedback from the rest of the team. Based on the long-term performance of the Daily Quaker program, this position could expand into a manager-level position.

This position would be best suited for someone who is delighted by and facile in social media and its trends. It could be well-suited for either a Quaker spirituality thought-leader with a ministry in writing to assist others in going deeper or for a talented writer and curator of volunteer content.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

TIME & LOCATION EXPECTATIONS: This is a full-time exempt position. TQP is a remote organization with two in-person staff meetings per year. (These are currently held in Philadelphia, PA, but the nature of these meetings may change to meet the needs of current staff.) There is no other travel required for this position. 

COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: Compensation is $50,000 per year. Benefits include 30 days paid time off as well as 13 paid holidays, an HRA which reimburses up to $6k per year in health expenses, and funds to accommodate remote-work needs. Further benefits, including retirement account and matching contributions, are under consideration for the near future.


Daily Quaker:

  • Ensure the timely publication of the Daily Quaker, a daily email newsletter. 
  • Create the content of the Daily Quaker publication, including any of the following: writing high quality content, eliciting and editing content from others, curating content from previously published media, collaborating with other TQP team members to curate cross-platform content, and more. 
  • Create a cohesive and pedagogically-sound flow of Daily Quaker content over time, working with the TQP team to develop weekly, monthly, and annual themes, prioritizing subscriber experience.
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with Daily Quaker content creators as needed.
  • Administer the DailyQuaker.com wordpress site.
  • Adapt DailyQuaker content to be engaging and visually appealing on wordpress and across social media channels. 
  • Optimize content for SEO.
  • Manage and maintain a growing list of newsletter subscribers.

Social Media:

  • Lead in the design, build, and ongoing maintenance of TQP social media presence, learning and establishing a presence on new platforms as needed.
  • Create engaging and innovative social content (memes, Instagram stories, headliner videos, announcements) to promote TQP’s projects across active social media platforms, including but not limited to posts promoting DailyQuaker content & Thee Quaker Podcast episodes.
  • Schedule content distribution to social media platforms using Buffer.com.
  • Assist with reputation management on social media by reviewing audience engagement and responding appropriately when necessary.
  • Welcome seekers and newcomers who discover our work (and Quakerism!) through our social media channels, answer questions, and provide links to resources.
  • Lead in interfacing with Google ads and paid promotions on Facebook. Lead in other ad or promotional elements of our platforms as needed.


  • Ensure brand consistency throughout all published content.
  • Participate actively in the team, soliciting and giving helpful feedback and supporting other TQP programs as needed.
  • Lead in sending regular email updates to subscribers of other TQP projects
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • A demonstrated interest in and knowledge of Quakerism.
  • Professional experience creating engaging content for social media, including all aspects of post production.
  • Fluency with email marketing platforms (we use Mosaico.io, powered by CiviCRM).
  • Skills in production of visual media including graphic design and photography (Adobe suite fluency is a must and Canva experience a plus). 
  • Passion for social media and digital trends.
  • Fluency on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and emerging platforms.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Experience working with the back-end of WordPress websites and/or administering websites in general. 
  • Ability to manage institutionally-important relationships well. 
  • Highly organized, efficient, and disciplined.
  • Entrepreneurial self-starter who can thrive wearing many hats in a start-up environment.


  • Strong instinct for content that will attract attention and engagement.
  • Experience with social media management tools.
  • Functional knowledge of SEO optimization.
  • Familiarity with daily spiritual devotionals.
  • Familiarity with best practices for comment moderation.
  • Videography is a plus, but not required.

TO APPLY: Please email the following application materials to admin@theequaker.org with Social Media & Newsletter Coordinator and your last name in the subject line:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter 
  3. Samples of your work:
    • A social media campaign you were involved in designing and implementing (including clear delineation of your authorship/areas of responsibility), and its success measures.
    • A newsletter you were involved in designing, producing and distributing (including clear delineation of your authorship/areas of responsibility).

Review of applications will begin on September 18. Applications that come in after that date may – but are not guaranteed to – be reviewed.

ABOUT OUR HIRING PROCESS: Thee Quaker Project accepts applications for each publicly posted position for at least one month. We welcome applications from those of all national origins, races & ethnicities, ancestries, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions, social classes, ages, marital / parental / relationship statuses, religious affiliations, and any other category protected by law. As a Quaker religious non-profit we are legally permitted to favor Quakers in our hiring process, though we will not do this if it is not explicitly stated in the qualifications for the position.

From the pool of applications, up to 8 candidates are selected for a brief phone interview. Longer interviews will take place with 2-4 of these finalists, and some or all of these individuals may be asked to complete a job-related assignment or project, for which they will be compensated. A reference check and background check will be conducted before an offer of employment is made. We seek to keep all applicants informed of their status, including if they are not selected to proceed to the next step or when the position has been filled.

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Thee Quaker Project is a brand new Quaker startup, founded in 2022. We seek ways to be faithful Friends in the internet age. Much like the Early Quaker movement, our goal is to explore how to be “publishers of truth” in a time of dramatically changing communications technology.

“So excited for this project. Great people with a strong spiritual leading.Thanks for bringing this to the world!”
Washington State
“We have a gift to offer the world and need to find a way to help them find it.”
“Time we lived adventurously and let our lives speak.”

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